New Developments

  • We have redesigned the branch calendar!
    You can now see either a month, week or daily view of the branch calendar and have the option to customise what is displayed, with lots of new additions! Based on your access you now have the option to view staff and children's absences, birthdays and events as well as eyEnquiries visits that are scheduled, attended, no shows or cancelled. We will also soon be adding interviews from eyRecruit! 

    Alongside the branch calendar redesign, you also now have the ability to import bank holidays for individual or multiple branches at once. Simply click the three dots in the top right corner, select your country and the year(s), choose your settings (eg. if the nursery is closed, percentage of rates to be charged, etc) and branch(es) and they will be imported to the branch calendar for you. 

  • Payments screen enhancements;
    In the new filters option on the main payments screen, you can now search for payments in many ways including across multiple branches, based on the paid or balance amount, within specific date periods and more. You can also now customise the columns based on what you need to see. 


  • Minor improvements to some reports such as making children's names clickable to open the relevant page in a new tab. More reports to follow over the next few releases.
  • The option to choose the booking type when adding an enquiry, as well as the ability to filter enquiries based on the booking type chosen. 
  • You can now see the Booking Type, Requested hours and Expected FTE without opening each enquiry by hovering over the 'i' icon on the pipeline.
  • On the Invoice Amount Report, added another option to the Invoice Status filter called 'Deleted' so that you can see which invoices have been deleted within the selected date period and by who. 
  • Added a pin of the nursery to the map views so you can see where the nursery is in relation to the children, staff or enquiries. 
  • Changes to access levels that can delete refunds on the system; now only Company Admins, Accounts Admins, Nursery Managers and Area Managers are able to do this. 


  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements