New Developments and Enhancements

  • We have added the option to most HR reports to include/exclude tags. 
  • When invoicing on equally spread we have added a check to highlight to the user if the child's schedule is not consistent throughout the month using the sample week. This means that if for example, the child has an additional session that hasn't been marked as an 'extra' session the system will notice that this session is different to the sample week and show you a warning on the invoice so that the session can be marked as an 'extra' session and the invoice can be regenerated to reflect this. This is also shown on the invoice amount report. 
  • Minor improvements to some reports for example making children's names clickable to open the relevant page in a new tab. More reports to follow over the next few releases. 
  • When invoicing on equally spread and using invoice layout version 2 we have now added the option to hide the chargeable hour's quantity, amount, monthly funded hours quantity and amount from the 1st page of the invoice. 


  • Bug fixes and minor enhancements