New Developments and Enhancements

  • On the registration form, we have now made the Dietary Requirements, Allergies, Intolerances and Preferences a mandatory Yes/No field. Once yes is selected the parent/carer will need to add more details. 
  • We have added the ability to 'Create eyLog Login' during the staff import process. This can be added as a column in your CSV to be matched when importing.
  • Collection Password field has been added to the registration/child profile form set up in system/global settings so that it can be made mandatory, optional or hidden for each parent/carer.
  • In system/global settings > Enquiries & Registration, Enquiry Form Setup - this setting is for the unique URL that can be sent to parents/carers or added to a website etc. Here you will have the option to choose which fields are mandatory, optional or hidden. We will be working towards allowing the option to customise the fields when manually adding an enquiry to your system. 
  • Nursery Level Tags - in system settings > Branch/Nursery you will see an option in the top right corner to create a tag for the branch you are on. Simply type the tag you would like to add and this will be saved so it can be added to other branches. The idea of this is to tag branches maybe by area/region so that when generating a report or filtering your enquiry screen you can filter them by the tags to see all the branches (with this tag) data at ease. 
  • Starters/Leavers Performance Report - We have amended our previous leaver's performance report to now include starters with the option to view just starters, leavers or both within a certain date period. We have also included the FTE of the starter/leaver based on their first or last fully operational week, a total child count for each and a comparison table so that the total child count and FTE for both can be seen easily.  
  • Email CSV option has been added to the Children's Booking Pattern report.


  • Marking a staff member on a Maternity/Paternity event was not picking up/removing the branch holidays during this period. 
  • Nationality wording incorrect.
  • Error message showing when trying to choose a branch on the company enquiry form.