New Developments and Enhancements 

  • Added 'Staff URN' to the Minimum Wages report.
  • In the child documents section when opening a 'Child Profile Form' document that has been returned you will now be able to view the amendments by clicking on the eye icon. This will then direct you to the notifications to see the previous and current values for the fields. 
  • New Report - Child Bookings & Products/Services Report
    We have added a new operational report that can be run for any date period, for a particular room, session type or child/children 
    to see which bookings were made within this period, products and services allocated to the bookings as well as if they were extra/additional sessions.


  • No result showing why trying to search an invoice number on the main invoices screen.
  • Discounts were not being picked up on the income forecast.
  • 'OR' filter not working correctly on the custom report fields when selecting permissions. 
  • Child/Staff profile form was able to be sent without the link merge field - this will no longer be sent if the link merge field is not included. 
  • Children's schedules not showing on the main children's screen when certain filters are selected. 
  • 'Exclude product/service from weekly calculation' being ticked was causing extra sessions not to be listed separately on the invoice also products/services were being included in the invoice total but were not being itemised on the invoice. 
  • Stripe payment description was not showing, this will now be shown as 'Child: [childname]'.
  • Invoice layout version 2 - field name was duplicated in settings and the sample week booking schedule was not showing in day/time order. 
  • When logged in with Nursery Standard or Area Standard access the child profile form email template was not being populated. 
  • (eyLog and eyMan customers) On the staff list view, if a staff member didn't have an email on their profile the user was unable to give them eyLog access. Email is not required to give eyLog access. 
  • Parents receive a bad request error message when trying to open an invoice on the parent app.
  • Instant bookings were not including automatic room movement when showing the availability, we also implemented extra validation when booking a session to ensure the space was still available.
  • When filtering to a specific room on the staff scheduling report, other staff in different rooms were visible.