New Developments and Enhancements 

  • Added 'Mx' to the titles field for Staff and Parents.
  • Added an option in the custom report when permissions are selected named 'NOT EQUAL TO'.
  • Added 'Full Name' field to the custom report options so that the full name will be within 1 column once selected. 
  • Updated our Stripe implementation to support SCA changes due to which payments from some parents were declined.
  • Added the ability to update the child and staff profile form email template within system settings as well as the ability to edit the template whilst sending it. 
  • When message delivery is set to external for staff we are now showing messages within the communication tab on the staff profile. 
  • Split Payment Option; 
    We have implemented a way to split the balance of an invoice between 2 bill payers based on a percentage allocated within the child's settings. 
    By opening the child's profile > Invoices > Invoice Settings > you will be able to select 'Split Payments' (2 bill payers are required) you will see both bill payers are listed with the ability to add the percentage of the invoice each bill payer pays. A payment term will then be assigned to this child (only if they have no payment term listed previously)
    When their invoice is generated, you will see the breakdown of the balance for each bill payer. When the invoice is sent to the bill payers, each bill payer will only be able to see what they owe.  
    When allocating a payment to the invoice you would then choose which bill payer the payment is from. If you are using GoCardless to automatically collect payments from bill payers with mandates then the amount collected would be based on their percentage. 
    If you are using payment gateways the parent will need to adjust the amount they pay according to their share. 
    Please Note: Both bill payers are overall liable for the balance of the invoice 


  • Users with Area/Nursery standard access were able to unconfirm sessions through the staff scheduling report.
  • Added a limit to the Invoice footer text so that the text doesn't go over invoice data.
  • Error in the staff contract/entitlement calculation when a leave date was entered. 
  • Staff Holiday Used/Balance report was not loading when all branches were selected.
  • 'System' rooms were not showing when trying to send a staff profile form.
  • Extra sessions were not being picked up on a manual invoice if the child had an absence scheduled for the same day. 
    Please Note: When adding an absence, please tick 'Change chargeable rate/Exclude from invoice' if you would like the session scheduled on the same day to be included in a manual/monthly invoice (if include un-invoiced sessions has been enabled) - once selected you can choose the percentage of the session and product/service to be charged that day. 
    If you leave this unticked the session will not be picked up on a manual/monthly invoice.