New Developments and Enhancements

  • Added the option for [[NurseryManager]] as a placeholder to the Child Profile form email template. 
  • When hovering over icons on the children and staff page we have now added labels to show what they mean. 
  • When message delivery is set to internal we are now showing the message status ie opened. 
  • On the Income Forecast Report, when viewing by children we have added a breakdown of the products/services as well as a total for each. 
  • Added more filters when sending invoices in bulk.
  • On the Payments Report when including credit notes we are now displaying them in a separate column and we have added a clickable reference when they are used as fees. 
  • On the Bradford Factor report, we have now added a percentage to the absent types.
  • Added the ability to regenerate equally spread invoices either within an individual invoice or on the main invoice screen. 


  • When changing a staff members contract type the training entitlement was showing incorrectly. 
  • Even though 'Exclude product/service from discount' was enabled when adding an item manually to an invoice this was being discounted. 
  • If funding was used against 2 weeks in separate months only 1 invoice number was showing against that week's funding allocations. Now we are displaying both invoice numbers.