New Developments and Enhancements   

  • We have added the ability to add a credit/payment on account within the child's profile if they have been made inactive, previously this was only doable through the main payments screen.
  • Increased the time out limit to 30 minutes. 
  • When staff request an absence, if they have a line manager assigned to their profile their line manager will also be CC'd into the absence request email.
  • Added a check to ensure staff/child prefix and suffix are not the same within one company.
  • When adding an event to the branch calendar and ticking 'Remove from schedule' we have added a list explaining any exceptions. 
  • Added child URN, start date and finish date to the Income Forecast report when viewing by children.
  • Added the following options as placeholders within staff letter templates; [[SchedulePreviousMonth]][[ScheduleCurrentMonth]] and [[ScheduleNextMonth]].
  • Within System Settings > HR, we have added more options to the entitlement year.
  • Removed the default selection of removing schedule from holiday request dates so that the user has to choose if the schedule is removed or not for that specific date.

  • Implemented the functionality to add the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday for all staff within the branch calendar. Once selected you will see an option to 'Add an additional days holiday to all staff (excluding staff that already have their entitlement overridden during this holiday year)', this will then add an opening balance of 1 days holiday to each staff members holiday entitlement as well as being displayed within the entitlement used section. 


  • When sending a message to multiple recipients, not all children were listed.
  • Unable to change the sample week for April in monthly calculations. 
  • When the staff had a holiday in their schedule the 'Remove from schedule' functionality was not updating correctly.
  • Activation emails were not being sent if the email had been updated through the child profile form - to resolve this we have restricted the ability to update the email but can add an email for new parent/carer profiles. 
  • Phone numbers within enquiries starting with +44 were stopping the ability to move the enquiry throughout the stages.
  • Resolved a grammatical inconsistency between the invoice and invoice PDF when using version 2.