New Developments and Enhancements  

  • On the Parent app when booking a session we have added an option to 'Request Another' which will then reopen the bookings pop up.
  • Added CSV download as an option to the Training Entitlement Report. 
  • Minor enhancements to the DBS Report.
  • We have added another step to complete within bulk delete sessions to avoid them being deleted by mistake.
  • Implemented the ability to customise the special offer options within enquiries. This can be done in Global Settings > Enquiries & Registration > Special Offers.


  • In AM/PM view in staff scheduling, no error was shown when scheduling staff before their start date. 
  • When switching to average FTE in Occupancy the year was reverting to 2001.
  • CSV download of staff scheduling was not including all operational days and was displaying the colour code instead of a count.
  • Duplicate staff URN when transferring to another branch and then adding a new profile to the original branch. 
  • Parents/carers were able to edit the email for other parents/carers on their child profile form, this was causing no activation email to be sent. We have restricted this so that emails cannot be edited for existing users.
  • Products/Services were not displaying fully in the breakdown within invoice layout 2.