New Developments and Enhancements  

  • Added 'Child URN' as an optional placeholder within the invoice email settings.
  • On the Daily Occupancy and Availability Chart we are now displaying the absence type, start and leave date of the child and the session name when opening the child details for a particular day. You will now also be able to select the child's name to open their scheduling. 

    We have also added the option to include/exclude child absences from the total count - this can be found by clicking 'Filter' in the top right corner. 
  • Added 'Requested Hours' and 'Expected FTE' to the enquiry form for nurseries to complete. These fields can then be included in a custom report when selecting Enquiry Data. We have also added an 'Equivalent FTE' field to the child scheduling screen that is automatically filled based on the schedule, which can be found in the 'Children's Booking Pattern' report. 


  • The staff required ratio reflected the day before a child's birthday instead of on the day. 
  • Payments report not segregating multiple refunds in the correct columns. 
  • Automatic payments allocating duplicate times when approving invoices in bulk. 
  • Area managers were not able to filter specific documents/events in the report. 
  • Parent's were unable to open attachments within messages.
  • Enquiry Data custom report not loading due to preferred sessions error.