New Developments and Enhancements 

  • As we did for children there is now the ability to create staff an eyMan login in bulk to allow them to request absence as well as the option to create an eyLog profile after importing staff. This can be found on the staff screen, opening the lift view in the top right corner. 
  • A new Staff Diversity Report has been added to HR Reports, this can be viewed for all or multiple branches.
  • Improvements to the DBS Report.
  • Enhancements to version 2 of the invoice layout options.
  • Increased the text size on the PDF download of the Parent and Emergency Contacts Report. 


  • No response when trying to complete actions such as changing branch on the Daily/Weekly/Monthly Staff Scheduling screen.
  • Extra sessions not deleting when trying to delete sessions in bulk from the child's screen. 
  • Parent access being removed after enrolling a sibling and updating the parental details page. 
  • Removed rooms that are not used for children's sessions from multiple recipients/template filters in messages, some reports and highlighted this when scheduling children in to rooms. 
  • Error when trying to update terms/funding after viewing inactive children. 
  • dd/mm/yyyy date format not working when trying to add a deposit. This format is now accepted in other places too such as credit note, refund, payment on account etc.
  • Hyperlinks not working when adding them to the Invoice PDF footer in settings. 
  • Plus more miscellaneous bugs have been fixed. Any users who reported bugs will be informed individually by the support team.