New Developments and Enhancements 

  • DBS update service - 
    Now when adding DBS details for a staff member, you can select whether they have registered for the update service and consent has been granted. When these details are added the system will add a document called 'DBS Number' to the staff profile as well as an event called 'DBS Added/Updated' so that all changes to these details can be seen. 

    We have also created a new 'DBS Report' where a reminder can be sent to the staff member to renew their DBS application.

  • We have implemented the ability to give parents and carers a login to the eyParent app/Parent Portal as well as eyLog access in bulk. This can be found on the children's screen, opening the list view in the top right corner.  
  • Added 'Absent' to the filter options within Custom Report > Staff Holiday Data.
  • Optimised the child import and enquiries workflow processes. 
  • Children marked as absent, sick or on holiday now show on the daily register report.
  • Text alignment option added to email templates. 


  • Invoices showing as queued.
  • Total of the amount column for invoices not matching.
  • Duplicate headers showing on the room movement and communication tabs.
  • Equally spread monthly calculation not saving the copied invoice amount column.
  • Error when parents tried submitting a child profile form. 
  • Broken photo showing when adding an existing parent email to a new child's profile. 
  • eyMan profile not respecting the key person selection within automatic room movement functionality.
  • Confirmation email not being sent to parents for online bookings. 
  • Accept/Decline holiday request notes weren't visible to staff. 
  • Lunch/break reduction calculation showing incorrectly on daily/weekly/monthly staff scheduling screen.
  • Invoice being generated for inactive children. 
  • Deposit, opening balance and bulk payment import failing when the date was more than 12 months in the past. 
  • Improved the child search bar on the safari web browser. 
  • Enrolment confirmation email not showing within the communication history. 
  • Incorrect amount displaying on the parent app. 
  • Plus more miscellaneous bugs have been fixed. Any users who reported bugs will be informed individually by the support team.