New Developments and Enhancements 

Registration/Child Profile Forms:

  • We have now added the option to capture dentist details within the Medical Details section of the child's profile. Alongside this, we have implemented the ability to choose which medical details can or cannot be included within the registration and child profile form as well as if they should be mandatory or optional. 

    To do this go to Global Settings > Enquiries & Registration > Registration Form/Child Profile Setup > Medical Details.

  • You will now see an option for 'N/A' on the permission section of the registration form as well as on the child's profile within General Details. As the permissions are a mandatory field and we no longer select No by default this ensures the parents complete this section.
    Remember - you can customise the permissions by going to Global Settings > Enquiries & Registration > Child Profiles. 

  • Any sessions that have been added to your Enquiry & Registration forms will now be shown in a neater drop-down menu. Once the session type is selected the appropriate days can then be chosen.
     On the registration form we have also added within Global Settings > Enquiries & Registration > Registration Form/Child Profile Setup > Booking Pattern, the ability to customise the text that shows beneath the session types. By default it will be 'Note: Don't worry, this will get re-confirmed for each child when you are offered a childcare place.'

Staff Events:

  • We have implemented a new event by default to all staff profiles called 'COVID-19 Immunisation'. Now you will be able to capture if/when staff members have received their Covid immunisation. 

    To see this event you will need to go to Staff > Events. You can then click the pencil icon against this event to edit and add the dates of the immunisation or any comments as necessary as shown below. 

Custom Email Templates:

  • When creating a custom email template you now have the option to include DD Reference and DD Payment Code as merge fields from the child's general details page.


  • Automatic room movement not pushing through key person to eyLog
  • Duplicate profile when double-clicking enrol child
  • Bulk actions on the invoice screen not being visible to area and nursery standard access levels
  • Plus more miscellaneous bugs have been fixed. Any users who reported bugs will be informed individually by the support team.

Engineering Update

We have been working on improving the stability of the platform and the way we process Media uploaded from eyLog Parent & Practitioner Apps.  We are also in the process of migrating our complete infrastructure to AWS (Amazon Web Services). This will improve the loading time of the application during peak load and overall better performance for our customers. We will be slowly rolling out these updates to all of our customers before the start of the Autumn Term.

Please Note:

eyLog and eyMan systems may be offline between Saturday 28th August 2021 10:00 PM until Sunday 29th August 2021 10:00 AM due to a planned server migration.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at