The eyLog practitioner application can be installed on Amazon fire tablets (see separate document for Android tablets), however the process is slightly different to installing on Android or IOS devices and there are some functionality differences.

When using the app on the Amazon fire device you will notice that you will not receive notifications and you will also have to use the custom camera within the app to upload media.

The installation consists of three steps:

  1. Enabling the installation of APK files on the tablet
  2. Downloading the eyLog application APK file to the tablet
  3. Installing the eyLog application


Step 1: Enabling the installation of APK files on the tablet


  • Go to the settings on the tablet and navigate to ‘Security and Privacy’ 
  • From ‘Security and Privacy’ you will then need to select the ‘Apps from unknown sources’ to enable the eyLog apk to be downloaded.

Step 2: Downloading the eyLog application APK file to the tablet

  • Once you have entered the correct address into the search bar, a pop up should then appear at the bottom of the screen. Select ‘Download’

  • When you select the download, you should then drag down the top of the screen to view the eyLog apk. Once this download is completed, select this and you will be prompted to install the app.

Step 3: Installing the eyLog application

  • After the installation is complete, click ‘Open’ to open the eyLog application, the Serial ID and Password screen will load. Enter the 16-digit Serial ID and Password unique to your nursery. This can be found on your manager dashboard.
  • Move your mouse over your manager profile picture on your eyLog Manager Dashboard then select System Settings, then System from the menu options. Please enter these exactly as shown on screen, retaining the case and hyphens. 
  • After the application is configured, the Staff screen will load ready to start using the practitioner application.