New Developments and Enhancements 


  • A new user role, eyRecruit, has been added. This role will give the user access to eyRecruit only, they will not see any of the features of the eyMan system.
  • Users will now only be able to create jobs for branches they have access to to on eyMan. They will also only see jobs, candidates and messages where they have been added as part of the hiring team.


  • When adding additional questions to an application form, these can now be selected as mandatory so applicants are be forced to answer these questions before they can complete the application form. 

  • All candidate CV's will now open within eyRecruit without the need to download a copy first.


  • Interview booking can now be edited/updated from both the candidate profile and the calendar view. The original interview will be shown as 'Updated' in the candidate's activity feed and a new activity will show as 'Scheduled' with the updated interview details. The candidate and interviewers will be informed via email and sent an updated calendar invite. 


  • For all messages sent to candidates you will now be able to see if they have been successfully delivered, opened and clicked on.
  • All messages from candidates now have a 'Reply' button for you to respond back in the same email thread. You can also reply to candidates directly from your email inbox and all messages will be fed through to the eyRecruit activity feed and messages section.

  • Notifications can now be switched on/off for all or selective members of the hiring team. This can be set per job when adding the hiring team and updated at any point.

Recruitment Tracker

  • A new report, the Recruitment Tracker, has been added. It allows you to view the details of 'Vacancies Filled' and 'Interviews Booked' over a selected date range. This report can be viewed on screen and downloaded as a CSV file. 

Bug Fixes

  • In addition to all the new features and improvements, a small number of miscellaneous bugs have been fixed. Any users who reported bugs have been informed individually by the support team.