To create an API that will link enquiries from your website directly to your eyMan system, please adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Overview 


● Each API request must be authenticated by the token provided by eyLog support team. 

● The token needs to be sent as a header in the following format:


        Key - Authorization 

        Value - Bearer <token> 


● Each API must be requested from a server (cURL) rather than exposing a token on the webclient, like Ajax, Jquery, XHR etc. 

● All communication must be done on the https, any requests sent to http will be automatically redirected to https, which is more secure. 

Requests should be made using JSON data. The Content-type header should be set accordingly to Content-type: application/json  


2. Enquiry Settings <https://<instance>/eyMan/index.php/api/enquirySettings


This API returns a list of nurseries and enquiry sources which can be sent when adding an enquiry from the API. 



3. Add Enquiry <https://<instance>/eyMan/index.php/api/enquiryPost

Sample Request