Release notes - eyMan - Version 1.9.4 and Version 2.0.0

The upheaval over the past few weeks due to the COVID-19 crisis has delayed the production of last month's release notes, so they have been included here with Version 2.0.0. We have also taken the decision to move from 1.9.4 to 2.0.0 as our newest version, so don't worry, you haven't missed any updates.

New Developments and Enhancements 

Access Levels

We've updated the Company Admin access level so that anyone using this access level can have access to multiple companies within the group.

Child Profiles

On the child profile, a collection password for school collections has been added. This is for nursery use only and does not appear on child profile and registration forms. 

Documents and Events

We've updated the search features on documents and events for staff and children and we've added a date range to the documents and events reports. See Reports for more details.

Email Templates

We now allow mail merge fields to be used in the email subject line for all email templates found in Global Settings>Other Settings, as shown below:

We've also made improvements to the Registration Form - Send email template. Instead of the registration form link you can now use a button format, as shown below, with an example of the email that a parent would receive. We've also added the field LoggedInUserName which you can include in the template to show which user sent the registration form:


We've made some minor enhancements to invoices and removed the headings Bill Payer (1) and Bill Payer (2). These simply reflect the names of the parents/carers who are marked as bill payers.

We've also made some minor enhancements to some of the processing screen headers, with no changes in functionality.


In the children's part of the messages section, we've added the functionality to change the Reply To email address and added a carbon copy (CC) field where copies of sent emails can be referred:


On all reports we've removed the left menu bar to make the reports wider.    

We've added a legend to explain symbols and removed the seconds from the session times on the Un-invoiced Sessions report.

On the Payments Report, we've added the Child Unique Reference Number (URN) as a column before the Child Name column.

We've added a CSV download option to all Register reports.

We've added a date range feature to the Documents and Events Reports, which enables you to search for documents and events that fall within the selected range.

The Staff Hours Report - Sage and the Staff Scheduling Report have been updated for furlough activity. You can find out more about this by watching the following video:


We've added a furlough activity to schedule staff who are on furlough. Please click on the link above to watch the training video we've put together for this.

On the main Staff Scheduling screen, we now indicate which children are marked as requiring 1:1 care. click on the numbers to show which children are scheduled and you will see 1:1 next to their name.

We've added a letters feature to the system so staff can receive automatic notification of their schedules for the current week, next week or the previous week. To access this feature please go to Global Settings>Other Settings>Letters>Staff Hours. Here you can add your letter format, select which day of the week this should be sent and whether this should go out automatically. Letters that are sent to go out automatically we be sent at 4 pm on the selected day.


As with other letter formats, you can use the mail merge fields to personalise each email, and include the current week, previous week or next week's schedule, which may be necessary for staff to confirm the hours they are furloughed. Mail merge fields can also be used in the subject line.

Bug Fixes

  • In addition to the new features and improvements, a number of miscellaneous bugs have been fixed. Any users who reported bugs have been informed individually by the support team.
  • Maps on the enquiries screen, children's menu and staff menu. Following the migration to our new servers, longitude and latitude data needs to be updated, so if you use this feature to map and track, please contact the support team. We can help you with this.