1.9.1 Initial Release Date 26/11/2019

New Developments and Enhancements

Automatic Room Movement

  • We've added a new option "Following Month" to Automatic Room Movement in System Settings>Rooms/Groups. This enables you to set room movement to the month following the child's birthday.

  • On the children's menu and the individual child profile, we've changed the room movement icon to baby feet, as shown below:


  • On System Settings>Branch Settings, "Hide Child Middle Name" has been added as a setting. When selected, children's middle names will not be shown on the children's menu. If you have eyLog and eyMan, this will also hide the children's middle names on the eyLog children's menu.
  • On the child general details page, the option to capture the direct debit reference and payment code has been added. These have also been added to the child CSV import and custom reports. See also Reports - Direct Debit Report for additional functionality.

Invoicing and Payments

  • On System Settings>Session Types, override max funded hours per day and exclude from funding have been grouped under the heading Actual Invoices Only for clarity. This functionality is not currently available on equally spread (annualised) invoices.
  • On System Settings>Invoices/Payments we've also clarified the wording to show outstanding balances to "Show account balance prior to invoice date on invoices (including manual invoices)".
  • Tax-Free Childcare has been added as a payment mode for new customers. To create this (or any other payment modes)  for your setting, please go to Global Settings>Other Settings>Payment Modes. 
  • On invoices, we've added a payment breakdown for any payments added to the invoice:

  • On a child's profile transaction statements, any credit notes will be shown as Credit Notes rather than Payments.

  • WorldPay has been added to the payment gateways available on eyMan. Once enabled, parents will be able to make payments on the parent app through WorldPay.


  • When parents make payments through the parent app using Stripe/Sagepay/WorldPay, they will see the amount being paid on the card details page. 

Occupancy Charts and Reports

  • The Daily Occupancy Chart has been optimised for improved speed and performance. In addition, more detail has been added to the list of waitlisted children and the following fields can be viewed by clicking on the number of waitlisted children: Name, Date of Birth, Age on Selected Date, Enquiry Date and Preferred Start Date.

Online Bookings

  • We've added the feature to book sessions through the Parent App. In order to use this feature, you will need to carry out the following: On System Settings>Session Types select Parent Online Booking and enable online booking for selected rooms and session types:


  • On the weekly register report, the option to view the child start date has been added as an option. In addition, additional blank lines have been added to the PDF report.
  • On the daily register report (both daily and multiple rooms options), the option has been added to view children in alphabetical order or the session arrival time (default). On the multiple rooms option, 'Show child first name only' has been added as an option. 
  • A new report, the Direct Debit Report, has been added which provides a list of bill payer and direct debit reference fields as well as the account balance as of a selected date. This can be downloaded as a CSV file and submitted to your bank for direct debit collections. If both parents/carers are marked as bill payers, the first parent/carer details will appear on the report. If Bill Payer is not ticked on any parent/carer on the child profile, the Sort Code and Account No will be blank on the report.
  • Bradford Factor Report (also see staff absence enhancements for additional functionality)

    On the Bradford Factor Report, a breakdown of the absence percentages have been added to the bottom of the report. The colour scheme has been extended to cover the staff name and factors and a legend added to the screen.


Staff Absence has been enhanced: 

  • On Global Settings, HR Settings has been added as a menu option. Here the Absence Types and Reasons can be edited and linked. You can also select whether the absence is paid and/or whether the hours absent will be deducted from holiday entitlement. These are default values and can be overridden at the time the absence is approved.

  • On creating a staff absence, when a type of absence is selected, only the reasons mapped to that type in the reason drop down list will be shown. The checkboxes Paid and Deduct from holiday entitlement show the default values and can be unchecked or checked as required. 
  • In Global Settings> Other Settings> Email Templates another tab called 'Staff Absence' has been added. Here you will find the following email templates: Absence Requested, Absence Approved and Absence Declined.These can be edited as required. As with other templates, mail merge fields will pick up relevant information from the absence request. The emails will be sent as follows: 
  • Absence Requested - When any type of absence is requested from staff login, email will be sent to that staff member and bcc sent to users with the access levels defined in the notifications settings.
    Absence Approved - When any type of absence is accepted, email will be sent to that staff member.
    Absence Declined - When any type of absence is declined, email will be sent to that staff member.

  • In Global Settings> Other Settings> Notifications, Staff Holidays has changed to Staff Absence in the Notifications column. For new instances Nursery Manager, Nursery Standard, HR Admin and HR Standard are selected by default for Staff Absence notifications and these can be edited by a Company Admin. 

  • See Reports for the Bradford Factor Report enhancements.

Staff Transfers

  • Changes to staff transfer process so that an eyLog practitioner profile is not created automatically when a staff member is transferred. The profile will need to be updated to create this.

Doctor's Information

  • Doctor's information has been added to staff profiles: Doctor Name, Doctor Phone and Doctor Address. these are also available on the staff profile form, the staff PDF download and custom reports.

Wages % on Staff Scheduling

  • The wages percentage as per the selected week is now shown on the staff scheduling screen.

User Interface

  • Switching between eyMan and eyLog has been enhanced for all access levels using the same login details on both systems..
  • eyMan User Security Features have been enhanced to accept passwords containing at least one upper case letter, at least one number and at least one special character. Allowed special characters: !"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[]^_`{|}~
  • A new access level has been added, Marketing User, with access to enquiries and leaving reasons. This has also been added to notifications.

Bug Fixes

  • In addition to all the new features and improvements, a small number of miscellaneous bugs have been fixed. Any users who reported bugs have been informed individually by the support team.