New Developments and Enhancements

Children and Scheduling

If you use eyLog and eyMan, any child marked as sick, on holiday or absent in the child’s daily diary will automatically update the “All Day” section of the child’s schedule on eyMan. This will have no direct automatic impact on invoices, and you will need to manually update the chargeable rate if required.

If you use eyLog, you can now filter the children on the practitioner app to show only those that are scheduled in via eyMan for the current day. 

In the next version of the parent app, due for release shortly, parents will be able to view their child's schedule. At a later date, we'll be introducing a way for parents to request and/or book sessions from the parent app too!

Communications and Announcements

On the enquiry view and individual child/staff menus you will now find a communication option. This will give you a complete history of communication between you and the parent/staff member sent through the eyMan system. On the children’s menu you can filter this list to invoices, statements, debtor’s letters and more. You are also able to search messages by selecting the search icon or compose a message to parents by selecting the plus button in the top right-hand corner of this screen. 


If you use eyLog and eyMan, we have a new option on eyMan to send a staff message as an announcement. Unlike a standard message, announcements are sent directly to the practitioner’s login on the eyLog app. Announcements can be viewed in full by tapping the megaphone icon from the children’s screen on the practitioner app.


On System Settings>Branch Settings, you can now restrict message delivery to staff, either through their email inbox (default) or restrict communication so that it can be viewed only within the eyMan system (recommended as the more secure option).


We’ve added an annual income graph to the dashboard, which is only visible to users who can also see the income forecast. This reflects the nursery income for the past twelve months.



QR Codes and Signing Staff and Children In/Out

If you use eyLog, staff and children can now be signed in/out using the unique QR codes found on the Sticky Labels report on eyMan. You will see a new button on the menu bar of the practitioner login screen on your tablets. This gives you two options:  your nursery's unique QR code and a scanner.

  • To sign children in/out, parents can use the scanner on their parent app to scan the nursery QR code. If you use eyMan, you could also use the scanner on the tablet to scan the unique child QR code on the sticky labels report. 
  • To sign staff in/out, use the scanner on the tablet to scan the unique staff QR code.

Registration/Profile forms

We’ve added some additional security features:

  • The staff profile forms require date of birth verification before they can be opened.
  • The child and staff profile form links will only be valid for 30 minutes once opened. After that time, the password will need to be re-entered.

You can now change the colour scheme on enquiry forms, registration forms, child and staff profile forms from the System Settings>Branch Settings page. Any colour you add here will apply to all forms.

You can also now add a URL address for the Terms and Conditions specific to your nursery/preschool. This link can then be embedded in the email templates for the enquiries process where required and will automatically appear as a link in the registration form.


Staff Menu, Scheduling and 1:1 Care Ratios

There’s been a slight change to the order of the staff menu options and we’ve added a communications option (see Communications and Announcements above for more details).

The staff scheduling screen has been updated to show staff absences in grey. In the time slots, initials will represent the type of absence - H for Holiday, LS for Late Start, EF for Early Finish, DL for Dependent Leave, CL for Compassionate Leave and S for Sickness 

In a previous release, we introduced the cohort group 1:1 Care on children’s profiles. Now the staff scheduling screen will take any children marked as requiring 1:1 care into account when calculating the room ratios and increase the staff required accordingly. In our September release, we’ll be updating the ratios on the register reports.


System Settings

We’ve updated the system settings menu options and shuffled some of the options – HR Settings is now called Holiday Entitlement.



On custom reports, when using enquiries data, you can now view the registration form status.

Also on custom reports, when using staff data, you can now view key children assigned to a practitioner.

Session Types/Products and Services

When creating session types, you can now link products/services which are shown on the child scheduling screen to the session type. When this session type is added to the child’s schedule, the linked products/services are automatically selected for the days the child attends, but these can be deselected if not required.  




Bug Fixes

In addition to all the new features and improvements, a small number of miscellaneous bugs have been fixed. Any users who reported bugs have been informed individually by the support team.