To enter your food menu into EyLog you will first need to log in to your manager web dashboard. To do this just hover over your initials in the top right hand corner to locate the 'System Settings' page.

Then click on the 'Food Menu' tab on the left hand side of your screen.

From this screen please click the "Add Menu Group" button.

A menu group should reflect the time period across which a menu rotation is active, such as a year or a term. Once created, multiple weekly menus can be assigned and will then be automatically rotated each week during the period. Each menu can have several variations, where you may have different food for children based on their group/room or age. In our example, we have created a menu period spanning across 2021. 

Once you have entered your menu period name and dates, select "Save and Continue". The first weekly menu screen is then displayed and here you can enter the details for each day of that week's menu. If you have a different menu based on the child's age or room, you can change the "Applicable for" option to either "Age groups" or "Room/Group". 

Top Tip: We recommend that you create your weekly menus in the order they will rotate throughout the period you have defined. This will make it easier to set the order for your weekly menus later. 

If your nursery is open on weekends you can tick the "Show Weekends" button to expand the table to include Saturday and Sunday. 

If you have created a menu that is applicable for age groups or room, you will see a button at the bottom of the menu to add a menu for other age/room groups. Then click save at the bottom of the page.

Once you have saved your first weekly menu, the menu period screen is displayed. From here you can add the menu details for other weeks by clicking the "plus" symbol. Creating an additional weekly menu is the same process as described above.

Once you have added all your weekly menus you will need to click the "Set Sequence" button to set the order for your menus throughout the defined period.

When setting the sequence of weekly menus you can either define them manually using the drop-down menu or click the "Set automatic sequence" button to assign the menus automatically. The menus are assigned based on the order you added them to the menu period. In the example below we have added 4 weekly menus so these have been automatically set to loop across the whole period. 

Once you have set the sequence, click "Update" to save your changes. You can create another menu period for dates further in the future if you already know your menu details. 

Now that you have created your menus you should see the food details automatically on the "What I Ate Today" section of the daily diary. You can edit the menu items on the child's individual daily diary too without affecting the menu details for any other child or day. 

Please note: Any changes made to your menus will require a settings update on each of your tablets and/or iPads to update them with the changes you've made. To perform a settings update on the eyLog app, simply navigate to the practitioner login screen, tap the three white dots on the top right hand side and select "Update settings".