The user can create a debtors’ letter by navigating to Global Settings -> Other Settings and then clicking on the Letters tab. Here the user will see a list of any debtors’ letters already created on the system. The user can also select whether they would like these letters to be sent automatically by ticking or unticking the ‘Enable automation for this process’ tick box. If this is enabled, the letters will be automatically sent on the date selected. If not, the user can send the letters manually through the Messages screen. For further information on sending debtors’ letters, please refer to the Messages -> Sending a Debtors’ Letter documentation on the Support Portal.

The user can edit or delete any existing letters by clicking the pen or bin icons respectively on the right-hand side of the list. The user can also create a new debtors’ letter by clicking the ‘+’ icon. This will open a ‘Debtors’ window in which the user can enter details about the letter and set up the format of the letter.

  1. The name of the debtors’ letter can be entered in this field.
  2. The date of the month the user would like to send the letter on can be entered here. For example, if the user would like to send the letters on the 5th of the month, they would enter the value 5 in this field.
  3. The subject of the letter can be entered in this field. This will be the subject of the email when the letter is emailed to parents.
  4. The user can enter the body of the letter here. These letters can be personalised for each parent by using mail merge fields. The user can enter mail merge fields by typing [[. This will bring up a list of mail merge fields available to use in the letter:
  5. If the user would like to exclude children with certain payment terms from receiving this letter, the user can select which payment terms they would like to exclude in this field.
  6. If the user would like to only send the letters for children who owe over a certain amount, the user can enter the minimum outstanding balance in this field.
  7. The user can attach an account statement to the letter by ticking this box. This will send an account statement as an attachment on the letter email. To open this statement, parents will need to enter a password. This password is in the form: first four letters of the child’s first name and child’s date of birth. For example, jane01012019 or bob02022018.
  8. The user can select the reply to email from this drop-down menu. The options are the email in the Invoice/Payment Settings, the email in the Branch/Nursery Settings or another email (Other).
  9. The user can enter an email address to be the reply to address in this field.
  10. The user can click ‘Save’ to create the letter, or ‘Cancel’ to cancel.