The user can send a debtors’ letter manually from the main Messages screen. Please note, in order to send a debtors’ letter, the user must first have created the letter in the Global Settings. For further information on creating debtors’ letters, please refer to the Global Settings -> Other Settings -> Debtors’ Letters documentation on the Support Portal.

To send a debtors’ letter, first click on the ‘+’ icon in the top right-hand corner of the main Messages screen. This will open a Messages – Compose window where the user can click the ‘Select Letter’ button in the top right-hand corner.

Clicking the Select Letter button will open a Select Letter window in which the user can select which letter they would like to send. First, select the process as Debtors’. Then select the letter from the letter drop-down menu. This menu will show all the debtors’ letters that have been created in the Global Settings. The user can then select which children they would like to send the letter to. Here the user will see an option to send the letter to all children who meet the letter criteria. Please note, children will only appear in this drop-down menu if they match the criteria on the letter and if they have a parent marked as bill payer on their profile.

Upon clicking ‘Add’, the system will auto-fill the fields on the Messages – Compose screen according to the debtors’ letter criteria. This includes adding the body of the message using the mail merge fields and ticking the account statement button as required. The user can then send the debtors’ letter email or discard it as required using the ‘Save’ and ‘Discard’ buttons at the bottom of the screen.