The user can create a message to send to parents or staff members by going to the Messages screen. Here, the user will be able to switch between children and staff tabs depending on if they want to send a message to parents or practitioners.

To create a new message, click on the ‘+’ icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to open a Messages – Compose screen. Here the user will be able to enter details about the message they wish to send. 

  1. The from email is the email address the message will show as being sent from. This field will be automatically populated with the ‘From Email’ email address in the Invoice/Payment Settings. For further information on this, please refer to the System Settings -> Invoice/Payment Settings documentation on the Support Portal.
  2. The from name is the name the message will show as coming from. By default, this field will be populated with the Branch Name as set up in the System Settings. 
  3. The reply to email will be displayed here. This is the email the parents can reply to and is the email address as set up in the System Settings.
  4. If the user would like to send a debtors’ letter, they can select the letter using this button. For further information on sending debtors’ letters, please refer to the Messages -> Sending a Debtors’ Letter documentation on the support portal.
  5. If this message is only being sent to one parent/staff member, the user can enter the name of the child/staff member in this field.
  6. If the user would like to send this message to multiple recipients, they can click on this button to open a Select Recipient window. In this window, the user can select the recipients of the message by filtering the recipient list by rooms, tags or parent filters (for children only). If the user would like to send the message to everyone, they can select all in the rooms field. Once the user has selected an option from one of these fields, a list of email addresses will appear in the Recipient List. By default, all the email addresses will be ticked as recipients. However, the user can change this to meet their requirements. Once the user has selected the recipients, they can click the Close button to add those email addresses to the recipients list. This will update the To field to show which filters/recipients have been selected.
  7. The user can attach documents to the message by clicking this paperclip icon. This will open the user’s documents folder on their computer, from which they can select which documents they would like to attach.
  8. The user can enter the body of the message in this field. The user can format the message using the icons that run along the top of this field. 
  9. The user can then send the message or discard it as required using the Send or Discard buttons at the bottom of the screen.