The Messages page allows the user to send messages to staff and parents and see a list of previously sent messages. 

  1. The Messages page lists all the messages that have been sent by a user from eyMan. This list shows who the email was sent to, the email subject, the type of message and the date/time the message was sent.
  2. If a message has been sent to all children/staff, a green ‘all’ tag will appear instead of the children’s/staff members’ names.
  3. The user can switch between viewing emails sent to parents (children) and staff by changing tabs here.
  4. The user can search for a message using this search icon. The user can also create a new message by clicking on this ‘+’ icon. For further information on creating messages, please refer to the Messages -> Creating a Message documentation on the Support Portal.
  5. This paperclip icon indicates there is a document attached to this message.

Clicking on a message will open a Messages – View window where the user can view details about the message.

  1. This section will show certain details about the message, including the email address the email is sent from, the type of letter being sent, the subject of the email and the names of the children/staff members the email is sent to.
  2. Clicking on the ‘View Details’ button will open a list of the child/parent names, the email addresses as well as if the email has been opened by the parent. There is also the option to view the specific email sent to each parent by clicking on the eye icon.
  3. The body of the email can be seen here. Any mail merge fields will auto-fill personalised data for each individual email.
  4. This paperclip icon shows that an attachment was sent with this email.