New Developments/Enhancements


  • On the child scheduling screen, we've changed the wording of "Exclude from invoice" to "Change chargeable rate/Exclude from invoice" when creating an absence.

Dashboard and Menus

  • We've made some changes to the menu bar at the top of the screen and added a link to our help and support portal. Click on the question mark to access our support widget.

On the widget, you are able to search for helpful articles or email the support team if you cannot find what you need or need to report an issue.

  • We've improved the ability to retain filters on screens such as the invoices menu, children's menu and staff menu so that you can return to your previously selected options. Selecting the Last Name option will also show names by Last Name, First Name for ease of use.

  • We've made enhancements to the overdue invoices display on the dashboard. The total value at the top is the total amount outstanding for all invoices for the selected month; and we've added the invoice number, total value and amount due for each child
  • When accessing eyMan through mobile devices, we've added the feature to be able to tap on calendar screens to select dates and times.

Debtors' Letters

  • We've changed the automatic debtors' letters functionality so that letters will be emailed at the later time of 7:30 am. 

Email Templates

  • We've added the functionality for you to edit email messages that are sent to parents for the child profile and registration forms, and to staff for their profile forms. You can find this option under Global Settings>Other Settings>Email Templates.

You can insert a selection of mail merge fields to personalise the body of the email for parents/staff.

Enquiry/Registration/Child and Staff Profile Forms

  • We've enhanced the Child Registration and Profile Forms, the Enquiries Form (for online enquiries) and the Staff Profile Form. 
  • On all forms, we've neutralised the colour scheme, reduced the heading fonts and increased the space for your logo. At the bottom of each form is a link to your company/nursery website, and we've replaced our logo with the words, "Powered by eyMan" with a link to our website. Selection buttons are clearer, so that the selection button is in the foreground for Yes/No options.
  • On the Registration Form we've added the option to upload the child's photograph and we've added bank details for bill payers. Separate registration forms are required to enrol siblings.

HR Settings

  • Changing the holiday year period or training entitlement days on System Settings>HR Settings displays a warning message that staff entitlement must be updated manually.


  • The Payments Menu has had a face lift - use the arrows next to each field to order payments the way you'd like them. The icons to create payments, credit notes and upload payments in bulk have been  replaced with clearer buttons at the top of the page.

  • When adding payments for multiple children (usually siblings where the parent has made a single payment), you now have the facility to allocate payments on account/deposits to each child, as shown in the example below:
  • On the bulk payments CSV upload we've enhanced the search facility so that you can search child names by surname and/or first name.
  • On the invoice menu, you will receive an error message if you try to create invoices, regenerate invoices or send invoices if one of these processes is already running.

  • On the invoice menus we've removed the collect now option (where the parent has a GoCardless mandate) on negative and zero balance invoices.
  • On System Settings>Invoice/Payment Settings you can now select whether to use your company name or nursery name as the From Name for invoice emails. The default value is your company name.


  • We've added Payment on Account, Opening Balance and Deposit to the list of invoice types on the filters on Custom Reports, along with Monthly Invoice, Manual Invoice and Credit Note.

  • On the child and staff details section of custom reports, we've added the option to include Active Only, Inactive Only or Both on the report.

  • On the Performance Scorecard - Child Bookings Report we've added the option to exclude sessions marked as extra/additional sessions.
  • On the WMS (Weekly Management Statistics) Report, we've added the option to generate the report in the background and send it by email.


  • On the staff profile page, you can now select the line manager for the member of staff and use this when selecting which managers receive notifications for training courses, events and documents.
  • The main Staff Scheduling screen now includes automatic room movement, so that when scheduling for future dates, children will be shown in their planned room. This screen has also been optimised so you should notice significant speed improvements when using this feature. 
  • When approving or declining a staff holiday request from the branch calendar, the holiday entitlement used and balance available are now shown.
  • We've added a new contract/entitlement year period from October - September to the available period in System Settings>HR Settings
  • When staff access eyMan through mobile devices, we've added the feature to be able to tap on calendar screens to select dates and times when requesting holiday.

Bug Fixes

In addition to all the new features and improvements, a small number of miscellaneous bugs have been fixed. Any users who reported bugs have been informed individually by the support team.