New features & improvements

  • Menus - Our new menu feature is built into the "What I ate today" section of the daily diary and will automatically fill in details of what the children have eaten at the nursery that day once you have entered your menu details into the settings section of your manager dashboard.

  • New cohorts - This month we have added 3 new cohorts to eyLog. The new cohorts are "individual behaviour plan" (IBP)", "individual education plan (IEP)", & "Safeguarding". These can applied on the child's profile and used to filter the progress trackers just like our other cohorts.

  • A new look for published daily diaries - We have made it clearer which daily diaries have been published on the group daily diary screen.

  • Assessed age-band to age comparison - The child age-progress tracking bar from the group progress tracker has been added to the individual progress check. This bar compares the age range in the assessed age-band to the child's age and colour codes based on the difference.

  • Improved accuracy on summative & transition reports - Now the summative and transition reports use will pull through the most recent assessments from the child's learning journey whereas previously they would pull through the highest assessment the child had been given in that particular EYFS aspect. This means if any children have regressed in their progress it will be reflected in the reports. 

 Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused random characters to appear when using special characters such as brackets or quote marks in transition reports.  
  • (2.5.6) Fixed a bug that prevented the additional frameworks and tag buttons from displaying on iPads using iOS 9