The Payments page displays a list of payments that have been added to the system. By default, the list will display payments that have not been allocated to an invoice.

  1. The fields along the top of the columns can be used to filter the list. The user can filter by year, month, child name, payment mode, status or if the payment has been locked by clicking on the relevant drop-down menus. The user can also filter by date of payment, amount paid or balance amount by typing a value into the blank fields.
  2. The user can select certain payments by ticking the boxes on the left-hand side of the list or select all payments by ticking the box at the top of the list. The user can then use this drop-down menu to select which bulk actions they would like to perform – either send receipts, lock payments, unlock payments or delete payments. Sending receipts will send a receipt to all parents marked as a bill payer for the children selected. Payments can only be deleted if they are not allocated or part-allocated to an invoice.
  3. The user can confirm which bulk action they are performing by clicking this ‘Confirm’ button.
  4. The user can add a payment, add a credit note or upload a payment csv file by clicking on these icons. For further information on adding payments and uploading csv files, please refer to the Payments -> Adding a Payment documentation on the Support Portal. For more information on adding credit notes, please refer to the Payments -> Creating a Credit Note documentation on the Support Portal.
  5. The user can either view, edit, allocate or delete the payment or send a receipt of the payment using these icons. If a payment has already been part-allocated, the option to delete the payment will not be available. For more information on allocating payments, please refer to the Payments -> Allocating a Payment documentation on the Support Portal.