Version (Patch for 1.8.7)

New Developments and Enhancements

Child Profile/Registration Forms

1. We've added the facility for parents to upload documents with the child profile and registration forms. To enable this facility, you will need to set up document types for children. We recommend that this is done from Global Settings, especially where you have more than one branch. Examples of document types might be birth certificates or parent declaration forms for funding.

Debtors' Letters

1. We've tweaked the debtors' letter functionality so that you cannot enable automation until you've created a letter.

2. Nursery Manager and Nursery Standard access levels are now able to send debtors' letters from the messages section of eyMan.


1. Following customer feedback of the bulk functionality changes to the main invoice screen, we've made some enhancements: The GoCardless status is shown as No Mandate when there is no mandate and/or there is no bill payer on a child's profile. You can still collect GoCardless payments in bulk, however if you wish to collect these individually, simply click on the Collect Now button. This will allow you to enter the specified invoice amount or a lower value. We've also included a column to show you whether the invoice has been sent to at least one bill payer.

2. When sending invoices in bulk, by default this does not include previously sent invoices, however you now have the option to include invoices that have previously been sent.



1. The Nursery Milk Report can be found in the operational section of reports. This has been added to provide guidance on the number of children eligible for the nursery milk scheme each week.  Children are eligible if they are under 5 years old (up to and including the Friday of the week before their 5th birthday) and they attend 2 hours or more on that day.

2. The Child Progress Report can be found in the operational section of reports. It gives you information on the cohort groups within each room and an overview of the ECAT and EYFS progress from eyLog. You can filter the report by gender and also choose to view SEND children only 


1. We've added the facility to set the training entitlement on System Settings->HR Settings. Training entitlement for a staff member is calculated as (Contract Hours per week / 5) * Training Entitlement Days

2. We've added the facility to mark whether a staff member has reached their full potential on the qualifications/training section of their profile. This cannot be selected if a staff member is working towards a qualification. Once selected, no further qualifications can be added to the staff member's profile unless the "Reached full potential" box is unchecked. If the staff member has an eyMan login, this checkbox is not visible.

Bug Fixes

Child Profiles

1. Minor grammar errors in error messages when updating a child's profile have been corrected.


1. A bug where the preferred session does not show on the enquiries screen has been corrected.


1. Minor grammatical errors in the Send Receipts functionality have been corrected.


1. A bug where the sorting order for custom reports was not maintained in the PDF and CSV downloads has been corrected.

2. Custom reports based on staff session data (including the CSV download) have been optimised for speed.


1. An error message that was incorrectly displayed when training is added to a staff member's schedule has been corrected.

2. Events on the branch calendar are now displayed on the individual staff scheduling screen. 


1. A bug where branch calendar events affected the funding entitlement allocation for children has been corrected.

Version 1.8.7

New Developments and Enhancements


  1. On the child’s profile page, you can now select whether the child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP), Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP) and/or receives 1:1 Care.
  2. When you import child and staff photos from eyLog to eyMan, the photos are now reduced in size so that the system loads faster.
  3. The facility to transfer children between nurseries has been enhanced to include eyMan. Due to data protection considerations, this facility is only available to the eyLog Support Team, on request from both nurseries.


  1. On the enquiries screen, the contact and source details for a child are now mandatory upon enrolment. These will help you to identify how a parent first made contact with your nursery and how they became aware of it.


  1. The facility to exclude a session type from funding has been added to the session type screen. This feature is designed to work with actual invoices, not equally spread invoices, and could be useful where you have session types that are always chargeable, such as a breakfast club or lunch club session.

Invoices and Payments

  1. On equally spread invoices, the facility to exclude any products/services from discount has been added. This means that any discount on the child’s profile will apply to sessions only. If this is not selected, discount will be applied to any products/services, whether they are included in the session rate, or billed as the actual number of products/services received in the month.  
  2. On equally spread invoices, the facility to include un-invoiced sessions marked as extra sessions has been added. 
  3. On equally spread invoices, the invoices screen, invoice PDF and eyLog Parent App have been updated. If a child does not have a discount on their profile then it does not show the discount column on the invoice. In addition, if a child is not funded, the funding column will not be visible.
  4. On the invoices screen, you are now able to filter the list of invoices by the first or last name of the child.
  5. The print facility on encrypted invoice PDF files has been enabled, so that parents can now print copies of their invoices.
  6. The option to allocate products/services once per month to all invoices (with the exception of manual and zero balance invoices) has been enhanced to allow you to apply this only to selected children. This could be useful where you need to apply a single monthly charge for services such as language lessons to selected children only.

  7. We've moved things around a bit on the main payments screen, so we could squeeze in our fabulous new functionality! You will now find the option to delete, lock, unlock or send receipts in bulk in the top right corner of the screen and the payments CSV upload is an icon next to add payments/credit notes.To use the bulk options,first select the payments by ticking the box to the left of the payment detail or select all by clicking the box in the header row. The bulk option can be selected from the drop-down then select Confirm to perform the required action.



  1. The debtors' letter functionality has been enhanced to enable you to customise the reply email address. The default reply email address is automatically set to be the same as the invoice settings, however you can now set this to be the nursery email address or customise this to be any email address.

Occupancy and Availability Charts

  1. On the availability chart, wait listed children are now shown in order of the date of enquiry and we've provided the facility to show which sessions have been requested. 

Registration/Child Profile Forms

  1. Parents/carers can now update their national insurance numbers on the child profile form.
  2. The facility to enter a tax credit code and/or voucher code has been added to the registration form.


  1. Reminders/Notifications for events, documents, training courses can now be sent to selected groups of users via email. You can set this at system or global level so that selected users are informed of events/documents that require their attention, e.g. a staff appraisal,a safeguarding training and so on. Please contact the support team if you'd like more information on this facility.


  1. The Emergency Contacts Report has been renamed "Parent and Emergency Contacts". All parents/carers are shown on the report with the following details: Name, Mobile, Home and Work Numbers. In addition, you  can filter this report by All Contacts, Bill Payers, Emergency Contacts and Parental Responsibility.
  2. You can now use Edit Mode on the staff qualifications/training report to update training courses for each member of staff. In addition, staff members on maternity leave are highlighted and a column has been added to show the date of a qualification/training course that a staff member is working towards.

  3. We've added a sort field to the monthly debtors' report so this can be sorted by the last name of the child.

  4. When creating custom reports, you now have the option to view whether a child has automatic payments added to their monthly invoice and the details of this payment.. This can be found in the child details sub-category of the custom reports.


  1. You can now view staff on a map view. Similar to the map view on the children screen, a red marker will show on the location of the practitioner's post code. If you hover the cursor over the marker, the practitioner's name will appear. Clicking on the marker will open the practitioner's profile.
  2. When you transfer a staff member between branches, any tags assigned to them will now also be transferred. These tags will have to be set up in the global settings, not the branch-specific system settings.

Bug Fixes


  1. A bug in the scrolling facility on the Overdue Invoices section has been resolved, enabling the last item in the list to be viewed.


  1.  A bug where the pipeline view was not displayed by default when switching branches has been resolved. 


  1. A bug where the incorrect rate was used to calculate the holiday reduction for equally spread monthly invoices has been resolved. In addition, a bug where products/services total excluded from the weekly calculation did not display correctly on the invoice has been resolved.
  2. A bug where the maximum possible product/service rate of 99999.99 did not display correctly on equally spread monthly invoices with products/services excluded was identified and resolved.
  3. A bug where manual invoices incorrectly displayed products/services as a separate line when they should have been included in the session rate has been resolved. This occurred only where extra/additional sessions that included a product/service included in the session rate were added to a manual invoice.


  1. A bug where the time a message was sent was not displayed in a 24 hour format has been resolved.
  2. A bug where a gap was incorrectly displayed on the messages screen has been resolved.

Occupancy/Availability Charts

  1. A bug where the expanded view CSV download for the average occupancy had an error with the total average row has been resolved.

Registration/Child Profile Forms

  1. A bug in the wording for email notifications sent to managers when a registration form is completed has been resolved.
  2. A bug where a date of birth for a parent/carer older than 50 years could not be added to the child profile and registration form has been resolved.


  1. A bug where the date of birth filter was not filtering correctly on custom reports has been resolved.
  2. A bug on the Staff Qualifications/Training Courses report where the 'Exclude Tags' field was not displaying tags correctly has been resolved.
  3. A bug on the Salaried Staff Hours report where the hours scheduled were not displayed correctly during a staff holiday has been resolved.
  4. An bug where the Child Booking Pattern Report gave an error message when all rooms were selected has been resolved.


  1. A bug when creating a staff member, whose primary email address is already in use by another user, did not create their eyMan profile (but did create their eyLog profile) has been resolved and now displays an error message. The email address  must be corrected before either profile can be created.

System Settings>Manage Users

  1. A bug where branch names are not displayed in alphabetical order on the manage users screen has been resolved.