Encryption and password protection for PDF attachments

In line with our efforts to make the system and communication with parents more secure, we have implemented encryption and password protection for PDF files sent to parents through the system. The following processes will be affected with this enhancement - invoices, invoice statements (from the child’s invoice page), account statements (from the child’s transaction page), and debtors’ letter functionality where account statements can be attached and sent, either via an automatic process, or manually via the messages section of eyMan. The system will also include instructions to open the PDF file automatically at the bottom of the email message as shown below.

On opening the document, parents will see this screen:

The password to open the document is the first four letters of their child’s name, plus their date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY. The child’s name must be entered in lowercase and if the name has fewer than four letters, only those letters should be entered. The example given to parents is jane22032019 or bob10112018.

Please note that these enhancements do NOT apply to any other attachments or PDF files added manually and sent to parents through messages.