Monday 8th April 2019

We have suspended the debtors' letter functionality (both from the messages section and the automatic process) after a critical bug was identified with attaching statements. We are working on the resolution and will keep you updated on our progress through the notifications section of eyMan.

Next update expected on 12th April 2019

Updated information: 12th April 2019

The critical bug in attaching statements has been resolved but not yet released. We anticipate this will be done on Monday, 15th April 2019 and will be including additional security features to invoices, invoice and account statements as part of the release. Full details of these security enhancements will be supplied with the release.

Updated information: 16th April 2019

The debtors' letter functionality was reinstated last night, along with the enhanced security measures for PDF attachments (please see the separate release notes for a guide to this feature). Thank you for your patience during this time.