When a member of staff requests an absence/holiday, the manager will receive a notification on the dashboard. A new notification will be highlighted by a number in a red circle above the bell icon. Click on the bell icon to view a summary of recent notifications.

The manager can click on the notification or click on ‘View all notifications’ and go to the Staff Holidays tab to view a list of notifications relating to staff holiday requests. The new notification will be highlighted by a dark green envelope. 

Clicking on the new notification will open an ‘Absence’ form in which the manager can decide to accept or decline the holiday.

  1. Details about the requested absence/holiday can be viewed here. 
  2. The manager can add any notes relating to accepting or declining the absence/holiday in this field.
  3. The manager can accept or decline the requested absence/holiday by clicking the ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ button.

If the manager would like to check if any other members of staff have a holiday already booked on a requested date before accepting/declining the request they can do so by going to the Calendar page and ticking the ‘Show Staff Absence’ box. Any absences/holidays that have been approved will show in a colour based on the absence/holiday type: Blue for holiday, light blue for sickness, green for late start or purple for early finish. If an absence/holiday is awaiting approval it will be displayed in red. The name of the practitioner who has requested the holiday is in brackets next to the type of holiday.

The manager can also accept or decline an absence/holiday from this calendar by clicking on any absence/holiday displayed in red. The same ‘Absence’ form will appear in which the user can accept or decline the holiday.