New Developments and Enhancements 


  1. On the Child Import Sheet, deposits can now be imported in the same way as opening balances.
  2. Enhancements have been made to the way that children are marked as inactive. If the leave date is not set, it will be filled with the current date and you will be prompted to enter the reason for leaving and any notes you wish to add. The reasons for leaving are fully customisable from the Global Settings > Other Settings > Child Profiles > Reasons for Leaving page. When viewing child profile details from the custom reports menu, the reason for leaving has been added as a field.
  3. The support team are now able to delete modified rates and room movements if requested by a nursery, where previously this would have been a task for the development team.
  4. Parent bank details can now be entered for bill payers and these can be updated from the child profile form. These fields can also be viewed from the custom reports page and enhancements have been made to the monthly debtors report to enable these to be included.
  5. Improvements have been made to the Child Profile Forms to remove the All option as the default value, however this can still be selected from the Select Children drop-down list.
  6. Major new development has been introduced to enable you to add or edit the illnesses/immunisations that are displayed on your registration forms, child general details page, child profile PDF download, and the child profile update form. You can do this by navigating to Global Settings > Other Settings > Child Profiles > Illness and Immunisations.

Invoices and Payments

  1. We have removed the facility to add credits to a negative invoice.
  2. Automatic payments (such as regular voucher payments) on a child's account that are added at the time an invoice is generated will now create a payment on account if the value of the payment exceeds the value of the invoice. Previously, the automatic payment would not be added to the invoice at all if the value was greater than the invoice amount.
  3. If you use equally spread invoices and deduct funding from invoices at the funding rate, you now have the option to spread the funding deduction equally across the year. This is effective when a child changes from two-year funding to three-year funding with a subsequent funding rate change. It means that the total value of the funding across the year is equally deducted each month and the invoice value will be consistent.
  4. On the main invoice page, you will now find the option to delete invoices in bulk. First select the invoices you wish to delete by ticking the box to the left of the invoice detail or select all by clicking the box in the header row. The bulk option can then be selected from the drop-down list. You will need to confirm the bulk action by selecting Confirm.

Letters and Messages

  1. We've changed the way that the All functionality works in messages. Previously, when selecting filters such as All rooms, or All tags, only children/staff assigned to a room or with a tag would receive the message. Now the message will be sent to all children/staff 
  2. In our previous release we highlighted the debtors’ letters feature which enables you to create your own letters to send to parents that have an outstanding balance. These are fully customisable, can have tags added and can be specified to go out automatically on a date of your choice. You will find this option in Global Settings > Other Settings > Letters. In this release, we have added the feature to attach the Balance Statement PDF to the debtors’ letters.  Please note that you can add mail merge fields by pressing the [ key twice in the body of the letter and selecting a field from the drop-down list. This enables you to add fields such as the parent first name, last name, address etc. and these will be automatically populated when the letters are sent.
  3. Did you know you can also select and send debtors' letters from the messages section of eyMan?


  1. Major functionality has been introduced to enable you to receive daily or weekly email reminders for events and documents assigned to staff/children and for training courses. These can be set at the Global Level or at branch level in System Settings. Define when the reminder should be sent and to which user roles, then assign the event/document/training course to the member of staff/child. The reminders are sent via email to the user roles specified. We'll be updating our support portal over the next few weeks to document this in more detail for you, so please contact the support team if you'd like any further guidance on this feature in the meantime. 


  1. The Emergency Contacts report has been enhanced to enable you to select which children should be displayed 
  2. The following enhancements have been made to the Training & Qualifications report: Facility to select multiple nurseries (if applicable); Add staff members' email address to the report; Any notes regarding the qualification or training course have been added as comments in the Excel spreadsheet; Staff members with no start date and those with a leave date prior to the day the report is run are excluded from the report; Text appearing in the expiry date column of training courses has been removed.
  3. Improvements have been made to the Minimum Wages report to change the word "Site" to "Nursery/Branch" and staff on maternity leave are highlighted.
  4. Enhancements have been made to the Monthly Funding report for equally spread invoices to reflect the equally spread funded hours that are deducted per month (typically 47.5 hours for 15-hour funded children, and 95 hours for 30-hour funded children. This development will released separately in the next few days. 
  5. Enhancements to the Income Forecast report have been made to enable you to view your income forecast breakdown for each child and for invoice income only, funding income only, or both invoice and funding income.
  6. The Monthly Debtors Report can now be filtered by payment terms and display bill payer bank details, enabling you to download a CSV to match against any direct debit collections you may have for parents to collect the outstanding balance on the account. 


  1. Improvements have been made to the Staff Profile Forms to remove the All option as the default value, however this can still be selected from the Select Staff drop-down list.

Bug Fixes

Invoices and Payments

  1. A bug where users were unable to delete payments from manual invoice has been corrected.
  2. A bug where opening balances prevented the user from generating monthly invoices has been corrected.
  3. A bug where products/services could not be auto allocated once per month to equally spread invoices has been resolved.

Occupancy Charts

  1. A bug where the occupancy chart shows children scheduled on nursery/branch holidays has been resolved.


  1. On the Leavers Report, a bug where the default leave date for children who do not have a leave date on their profile was displayed as 01-01-1970 has been corrected. 
  2. On the Children Without Booking Report, a bug where children would normally be scheduled on a nursery/branch holiday, but have no other bookings in the week and are being displayed on the report, has now been corrected to exclude these children.