The Documents page on the child’s profile lists all the documents that have been uploaded for that child.

To add a new document, click on the ‘+’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This will open a ‘Child Document – Create’ form in which the user can select which document they would like to upload. The document drop-down menu contains all the documents relevant to children as set up in the System Settings. Please refer to the System Settings – Staff/Child Record Documents documentation on the Support Portal for more information. Once the document type has been selected a ‘Choose file’ button will appear for the user to select which file they would like to upload.

Clicking ‘Save’ will add details about the document to the list on the main Documents page in the child’s profile.

The user can then use the three buttons on the right-hand side of the list to view, edit or delete the document. Viewing the document will automatically download a copy of the document onto the user’s computer.