Enhancements and New Developments


Major new functionality has been added to the system so that the user can be better informed about events across the eyMan system. A counter will appear next to the bell  icon at the top of the screen when a new notification is received, and the user can view and respond to all notifications as required. Access to notifications can be managed by users with Company Admin access rights only, through Global  Settings>Other Settings>Notifications. Here you can manage which user access levels receive access to specific notifications.

A notification is triggered by the following events:

  • A new enquiry form is received – the user has the option to view the enquiry from the notification  screen.
  • A registration form is completed and submitted by a parent - the user has the option to view the  registration form from the notification screen.
  • A child profile form is completed and submitted by a parent – the user has the option to view the  changes made by the parent to the previously entered details.
  • A staff member requests holiday through their eyMan staff login – managers can approve or decline the holiday request and a notification will be sent to the staff member.
  • A new payment is made by a parent from their parent app using Stripe/Sage Pay. The complete functionality for this will become available shortly on eyMan and the parent  apps.
  • System notifications appear when a new version of eyMan is released. The user can click on the link to view the latest eyMan release notes on our support portal.

Custom and Standard Reports

  1. Custom reports can now be emailed directly to the user from the main menu without running the report first.
  2. On the child details section of the custom report functionality, parent/carer details have been added. 
  3. On custom reports, the child name is now included when selecting the subcategory 'Child Payment Data'.
  4. The parent  email report has been enhanced to include the child start date and leave date,  and parent mobile and home phone numbers. 
  5. The 'Children Without A Booking Report' has been enhanced so nursery staff can generate the report for up to a year, rather than weekly. 
  6. A new report, ‘Child Movements Summary’ has been added which shows the total numbers of enquiries, visits, enrolments, starters, leavers, enrolments with future start dates, and leavers still active on eyMan for each room within a selected branch, or all  branches. 
  7. The Children’s Birthdays report has been enhanced to give a list view and monthly view. The names of children and their age on their birthday is displayed in in order of  the day of the month. 
  8. A new report, ‘Children’s Booking Pattern Report’ has been added, which is designed to give nursery staff an overview of all children’s schedules for a selected week. This can be  filtered by branch and room and by session type (all sessions, regular sessions only, extra/additional sessions only). The report displays the child’s assigned  room, child name, date of birth, age (as per the start of the selected week), gender, their start date, and their booking pattern. Please be aware that their session could be booked in a different room to the one assigned on their profile. Any child that has a future start date will also be included on the report and highlighted as a future starter.
  9. All register reports have been enhanced so that if you have enabled automatic room movements, children will be shown in the room of the planned room movement for the selected week. In addition, when selecting a register report for a future  date, the children’s ages will be shown as of the beginning of the selected week. The daily register report has also been enhanced to include the child’s age in years, while any dietary requirements and allergies are now shown as icons next to the child’s name. 
  10. A new financial report, ‘Sage Report’  has been added which enables invoice amount data to be exported easily into accounting software Sage. The user can add a Nominal Code, VAT Code and Tax Amount to the  report and run it for a selected branch or all branches, for a selected month.  The report includes the type of invoice (SI for Invoice or SC for Credit Note),  Child URN, Nominal Code, Branch URN (from the branch details in system settings), invoice date, invoice number, child’s name, invoice amount, VAT code and tax amount.
  11. The 'Invoice Amount Report' has been enhanced for customers using equally spread monthly invoices to include three  new columns, the gross amount (the total value  of the invoice before any funding/holiday reduction or discount is applied), the funding reduction (amount of funding deducted) and the holiday reduction (nursery  holidays which are charged then credited to the child’s invoice). 
  12. The Meal Details report has been enhanced to exclude any children that are marked on holiday.
  13. The 2,3 and 4-year old funding report has been replaced by the monthly funding report.
  14. The payroll ID has been added to the Tags report for Staff.



  1. A new year setting for staff  contract/holiday entitlement has been added for May to April. 
  2. In Global Settings, on the Other Settings>HR Settings option, Additional Roles for staff can now be customised in the same way as job titles. 


Enquiries and Registration Forms

  1. On the online enquiry form, the  preferred start date has been added and the date of birth field will now accept  a future date of birth. It is now mandatory for parents to enter an email  address or phone number before the enquiry is submitted to the nursery.
  2. On the registration form, enquiries form, and enquiries screen, session types are displayed in order of start time from earlier to latest (provided the session type has been marked to appear on the enquiries/registration forms).



  1. Extra/Additional sessions on the child scheduling screen will now be flagged with a tag icon, enabling nursery staff to identify these sessions at a glance.
  2. On the children’s menu, the search  facility now includes the ability to search by parent first name, last name, full  name or email address.
  3. On the child invoice page, the create  menu now includes the option to add a payment on account – previously this could only be added from the main payments screen or by creating an overpayment on an invoice.


  1. The payments allocation screen has been updated so that a payment on account and a deposit can be added within a single payment transaction, where previously any payment or overpayment could only be allocated as a payment on account or a deposit.
  2. An automatic payment allocation feature has been added, which automatically allocates payments received to outstanding invoices, in chronological order from oldest invoice first.


  1. All list screens on eyMan now include pagination as standard. The default view is 25 records, with the option to show 50, 100 or 200 records per page. 


Bug Fixes

  1. Prior to the release of the inactive children functionality on eyLog, a child marked as inactive on eyMan would be marked as deleted on eyLog. A bug has been fixed where the profiles of these deleted children  would not be made active on eyLog when they were made active again on eyMan. 
  2. A bug has been fixed where invoices were not resent to parents if they had been marked as sent, meaning that parents  would not receive a copy of the invoice if requested.
  3. Date ordering on custom reports has been corrected.
  4. Minor browser incompatibility issues with  Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer and have been corrected.