The daily occupancy chart shows the occupancy of each room throughout the day.

  1. The chart will automatically open on the current date. Clicking on these arrow buttons allows the user to change the date.
  2. The user can also change the date by clicking on this button. This will open a calendar from which the user can select the required date.
  3. The rooms will be listed down the left-hand side of the chart. The age group that use the room and the capacity of the room is displayed next to the room name.
  4. The times of the day are listed at the top of the chart. These times span the core hours of the nursery (as set up in the System Settings) and are broken down into half an hour time slots.
  5. The number of children who are due to start the nursery and the children who are waitlisted will be displayed for each room. This information is taken from the Enquiries section – for further information on this please refer to the Enquiries documentation on the Support Portal.
  6. The number of children who will be occupying the room during each half hour time slot will be displayed here. These time slots are also colour coordinated based on the room’s capacity at that time:
        - Green = the room is under capacity.
        - Blue = the room is at full capacity.
        - Red = the room is over capacity.
    The capacity of the room is set in the Rooms/Groups settings in the Global Settings or System Settings. For further information on these please refer to the Global Settings or System Settings documentation on the Support Portal.

Clicking on one of the time slots brings up a list of children attending at that time. This list also shows the child’s date of birth, their age (as of the current date), and their start and finish time for that date.