All finance related reports are listed in the middle of the Reporting page. The user can hover their cursor over a report to see an explanation of the report. The reports are also explained below:

Average weekly hours
A report by room of the number of subsidised and non-subsidised hours scheduled per child over a selected date period, with the total hours divided by a user-entered value for the total number of hours per week to give the average rate of return for each hour. 
Occupancy/FTE Report - Average
An occupancy report that can be filtered to show average hours, FTE or both for a selected week or month. This can be run for one branch or all branches and occupancy values are broken down by room.
Children Linked to Staff Report
A list of children with links to staff members, their invoice amount, discount applied and any outstanding balance for the selected month.
Occupancy/FTE Report - Monthly
An occupancy report that can be filtered to show average hours, FTE or both for a selected month or range of months. This can be run for one branch or across all branches for comparison and shows values for the branch, not individual rooms.
Deleted Invoice Logs
A list of deleted invoices for a selected month which can also include regenerated invoices. 
Payments Report
A report of all payments received for the selected week(s) displayed by payment methods. 
Deposit Movements Report
A report on deposit balances, movements (payments, allocated as fees, transferred to sibling) and closing deposit balances for all children for a selected time range and branch (or all branches).
Performance Scorecard Report - Child Bookings
This can be run for one or all branches, which shows some of the key performance indicators for each room, such as the number of children, their booking type and the number of hours and funded hours they have booked for the selected week or month, according to whether the session type is marked as standard, discounted or subsidised.
Enquiries and Child Movements Summary
This shows the total number of enquiries, visits, enrolments, starters, leavers, enrolments with future start dates, and leavers still active on eyMan for each room within a selected branch, or all branches.
Performance Scorecard Report - Staff
This gives financial key performance indicators across all rooms for a nursery (or multiple nurseries). This can be selected by week or by month and is a summary report of the number of staff members, paid hours worked, absence %, number of new starters and leavers, the wages as a percentage of  nursery income per room and the year-to-date wages as a percentage of nursery income per room, with totals for the nursery.
Funding - Term Time
A report showing the allocated hours per week per child for a selected funding term and the difference between the available number of hours and the allocated hours. 
Sage Report
This enables invoice amount data to be exported easily into accounting software Sage. The user can add a Nominal Code, VAT Code and Tax Amount to the  report and run it for a selected branch or all branches, for a selected month.  The report includes the type of invoice (SI for Invoice or SC for Credit Note),  Child URN, Nominal Code, Branch URN (from the branch details in system settings), invoice date, invoice number, child’s name, invoice amount, VAT code and tax amount.
Income Forecast Report
A report showing the forecast income for the selected month(s). This can be displayed by product/service or by session type.
Salaried Staff Hours
A report detailing the contracted hours, actual hours worked and any difference for the selected dates and branch (or all branches).
Invoice Amount Report
A report showing the invoice amounts per selected branch and month with the invoice payment and email to parent status. The Invoice Amount report has been enhanced to include credit notes and the report can now be filtered by invoice type (All, Monthly Invoices, Manual Invoices and Credit Notes).
Staff Hours Report
A report of staff hours worked for the selected month with customisable field names for the relevant weeks.
Management Statistics Report
A report which gives a weekly or monthly breakdown for the selected branch (or all branches) of the fee income by room, associated staff costs, as well as the number of meals provided as a percentage of occupancy at 8 am, 12 pm and 4 pm.
Staff Performance Report
This can be run for one or all branches, which shows some of the key performance indicators for each staff member.
Minimum Wages Report
A report on staff pay rates per selected branch for a selected date, broken down into respective age categories.
Staff Wages – Monthly
A report of staff hours worked for the selected month with employee URN, payroll ID, staff name, hours worked, sick dates & additional information. 
Monthly Debtors Report
A monthly debtors report showing the deposit amount, the amount owed before the selected month, the invoice amount, payments received, total due (balance carried forward) and non-allocated payments ordered by primary payment mode. 
Staff Wages - Weekly %
A report showing the nursery income by room, with the hours worked and wage values shown as a percentage of the income. 
Monthly Funding Report 
A report which shows the funding entitlement and used hours for each child, split into Universal Entitlement (UE) and Extended Entitlement (EE), for selected months, with two and three/four year funding totals (as per the local authority funding rates for the selected months).
Un-Invoiced Sessions
A report of any un-invoiced sessions for the selected branch (or all branches) and month.
Monthly Nursery Report
An income report for the nursery for the selected month by sessions, funding income and selected products/services.