Any document types the company needs to keep a record of for both children and staff can be added on this page. Examples of these documents are birth certificates, driving licences, DBS certificates or passport scans. To add a new document type, click on the '+' button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This will open a 'Staff/Child Document - Create' form in which the user can enter details about the document type.

  1. The name of the document type can be entered in this field, i.e. driving licence.
  2. A description of the document can be entered in this field.
  3. A name for the first date can be entered here, i.e. start date.
  4. A name for the second date can be entered here, i.e. expiry date.
  5. A title name to explain what data needs to be captured can be entered in this field.
  6. A title name for the notes column, which can be used to add further notes about the document type, can be added in this field.
  7. These two tick boxes can be used to indicate whether this document type is for staff or children. The user can tick both boxes if the document type is for both staff and children, e.g. a birth certificate.

As the user creates document types, they will appear in a list on the Document Types page. The user can view, edit, delete or change the status of the document to active or inactive using the buttons on the right-hand side of the list. A document can also be searched for by entering full or partial details into the blank fields at the top of the list.

The document types marked as active will then form a drop-down menu on the 'Staff/Child Document - Create' form on the staff/child profile. Once the user has selected a document type, they can upload the document by clicking the 'Choose file' button. For further information on uploading documents to staff or child profiles, please refer to the Staff -> Adding a Member of Staff documentation or the Children -> Adding a Child documentation on the Support Portal.