Intermittently, accidents and incidents will occur at the nursery and you will need to record details such as where, what happened and any injuries sustained on an accident/incident sheet.

To create an accident/incident sheet, click on the overflow menu (the three green lines on the far right of the taskbar), then choose ‘Accident/Incident Sheets’.

A list of all accident sheets will be shown in chronological order. 

Click on ‘Add Report’ and select a child from the list. 

Note: If you select more than one child, a pop-up message will appear to confirm that you wish to create the accident/incident sheet for multiple children. Click ‘Yes’ to continue.

By default, the accident/incident sheet will be created with the current date and time. You can change this by clicking on the date and/or time at the top and a pop-up calendar will appear. Scroll to the correct date and/or time and click on ‘Set’.

To add a photo of an injury or where the incident occurred, click on ‘Add images’ and choose either ‘Gallery’ or ‘Camera’ to add the relevant picture(s).

Select whether the report is for an ‘Accident’, ‘Incident’ or ‘Pre-existing’ event, then fill in the details in the fields provided.

Note: ‘Where it happened’, ‘What happened’ and ‘What injury occurred’ are mandatory as these are used in the ‘Accident/Incident Trends’ report available on the Managers Dashboard.

If the accident/incident is RIDDOR reportable, tap on the tick to add a date, time and Riddor Number. When the child’s parent(s) have been contacted you can also add a time by clicking on the tick next to ‘Parents contacted’.

At any point the accident/incident sheet can be saved by clicking on the ‘Save as Draft’ button. Once an accident/incident sheet is completed it can then be published to the parent. More junior members of staff may not have this capability and will need to click ‘Submit for Review’. This will then be saved in the Accident/Incident Sheets List to be reviewed and published by a senior member of staff. 

Note: Once they have submitted the accident sheet for review this practitioner will no longer be able to make any changes and will have Read Only access.

A senior member of staff will then need to log in and click on ‘Accident/Incident Sheets’ in the overflow menu. You can filter the list by Group and/or Status (either Draft/Pending Review/Pending Parent review/Completed). This will allow you to see all the accident/incident sheets ‘Pending Review’ which can then be opened, reviewed and edited as required.

Once the senior member of staff is happy with the observation they can click ‘Publish’ to send the accident/incident sheet to the child’s parent(s).

The status of the accident/incident sheet will now be ‘Pending Parent Review’ and will be visible by filtering the ‘Accident/Incident Sheets’ list. Managers and staff with review rights can sign an accident/incident sheet on behalf of a parent if they do not have access to a computer or the parent app. In this case, open the relevant accident/incident sheet from the list and click ‘Submit to Complete’ to add your signature on behalf of the parent.

The status of the report will now be ‘Completed’ and will be visible by filtering the ‘Accident/Incident Sheets’ list.