When a child leaves the nursery, you may also wish to create a transition report detailing their progress during their time with you to share with the new setting or school. Creating transition reports can be done easily at any time from the Manager Dashboard. Once you are logged in, click on the ‘Reports’ tab.

From this screen you will be able to see a list of existing reports, which can be filtered by selecting a group from the dropdown list and clicking ‘View’. To create a new report, click on ‘Add’.

Note: You need to select and view the child’s group before clicking ‘Add’ as the next screen will only show children in that group.

A pop-up box will appear with the selected group at the top. Choose ‘Transition Report’ from the ‘Select Report Type’ dropdown list.

Then click on the child’s name in the dropdown list under ‘Select Child’ to choose the child you wish to create the report for. 

Note: Only children from the group shown will be available to select.


To create transition reports for all the children in a group, select ‘ALL’. The system will then generate multiple reports with the name and date entered below for each of the children in the group.

You can type a name for the report such as ‘School Leavers Report’ and select a date. The date of the report will be used to capture the snapshot of the child’s progress as of that date. 

Note: The system will not allow you to choose a date in the future however this can be updated at any time on the report itself to ensure a continuously accurate snapshot.

Then click on ‘Start Report’ and the system will produce a draft report.

The report will automatically be populated with information from the child’s profile, including name, gender, DOB, and the nursery contact details. The ‘Date of Entry’ will pick up the start date on the child’s profile and the ‘Date Left’ will be set to the current day’s date.

The ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Development Levels’ table will be automatically populated with the EYFS assessments as per your observations, as per the ‘Date of Entry’ and ‘Date Left’ defined above.

If there are areas you feel are not relevant to this child/report you can remove them by ticking the checkbox next to ‘Remove/Hide’ in the top right corner of that section. Click on ‘Save as Draft’ at the bottom of the page to save the report which and will be visible on both the Managers Dashboard and the tablets in the respective Reports list.

The report will now be available for staff to edit on the tablets. Once a practitioner is logged in, click on the ‘Reports’ button in the taskbar. A list of all the reports will be shown in chronological order. You can filter the report list by type using the ‘Type’ filter, scroll down to the relevant report and tap anywhere on it to open.


The report will load with any saved changes and can then be edited/updated similarly to the web interface. Note: Changes made on the tablets will then be reflected in the Managers Dashboard view so that the report is a continuous working document.

Once it is complete, the report can be published to the child’s parent for review. More junior members of staff may not have this capability and will need to click ‘Submit for Review’. This will then be saved in the Summative Reports list to be reviewed and published by a senior member of staff. 

Note: Once they have submitted the report for review this member of staff will no longer be able to make any changes and will have Read Only access. Senior members of staff will then need to log on and click on the ‘Reports’ button to find the report in ‘Pending Review’ status.

Once the senior member of staff is happy with the report they can click ‘Publish’ to submit the report to the child’s parents to review and add their comments.

Note: Once the report has been submitted to the parent it will become Read Only and staff will NOT be able to make any further changes unless the report is changed back to a draft status.

The status of the report will now be ‘Pending Parent Review’ and will be visible on both the Managers Dashboard and the tablets by filtering the respective Reports list. You can also filter the report type to ‘Transition’ in the dropdown list on the right.

From your Managers login, the report can be downloaded as a PDF document and printed if required. You can also add comments on behalf of a parent if they do not have access to a computer or the parent app. In this case you can also complete the report by clicking ‘Submit to Complete’ then ‘OK’ to confirm.

The status of the report will now be ‘Completed’ and will be visible on both the Managers Dashboard and the tablets by filtering the respective Reports list.