When your child is about to leave their nursery/pre-school setting, if you would like a copy of their child’s learning journey, the following options are available through eyLog.

PDF Download

You, as the parents, or the nursery manager can download the learning journey as a PDF document.  The PDF download has all the photos and links to the video/audio clips. You can click on the video/audio link to view or download the video/audio clips.

The option to download the PDF can be found at the top of your child’s learning journey on your web login only. On selecting this option, a zip link will be generated and emailed to you. This link is only valid for 48 hours, after which time it will need to be requested again.  

There are no charges for the above option. Please note that the PDF documents can become quite large over time.

e-Book in Rich HTML Format

The e-Book in rich HTML format is a replica of the online learning journey that you are used to viewing and it provides an easy way to view all observations and media in one go.

This fully offline and packaged version of the learning journey can be obtained either as a zip download, on a DVD or on USB stick.  Please place and make payment for your order through your child’s setting.

* Please note that you must download the e-book zip file within 30 days of the link being generated. After this time, the link will expire and you would need to request the link again, which will incur an additional charge as per the pricing above.

Printed Learning Journey Books

The learning journey books are a printed version of your child’s learning journey, containing one observation per page including the photographs and observation text from selected observations. If the observation contains a video, then this is printed as a still image with a QR code that enables parents to view the video online. Please place and make payment for your order through your child’s setting.

The printed learning book order process works slightly differently in that once the nursery manager places the order, an email will be sent to you, prompting you to select which observations you wish to include in your child's book. You can select these observations from their learning journey by selecting the ‘Add to Book’ option that appears next to each observation.

 *Please note that the order is not actually placed with eyLog until the observations you wish to appear in the book are selected.

Shipping Options:

For DVD’s and USB Sticks:

•    First Class Delivery (1-2 days)  - £3 OR

•    Special Delivery - Guaranteed next day by 1pm  - £7.50 (for single orders placed before 2pm)

For Printed Learning Journey Books:

•    Tracked Delivery (3-5 days) - £6.50 for up to 2 books

*Please allow up to two weeks plus shipping time for the delivery of a learning journey book. If we are experiencing a high volume of orders, this process may take up to four weeks plus shipping time.


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