The Parent Activation Report shows you a list of all the parents that have been added onto eyLog and which child’s profile(s) are available to them. The report also displays the status of the parents account, including whether you have shared data with the parent and if the parent has activated their account.

To view the Parent Activation Report, click on ‘Admin Reports’.

Then click ‘Parent Activation Report’.

Select a group from the drop down box or choose ‘All’ to view all parents within the setting, then click ‘View’.

Here you can view a list of parents alongside their child’s name and group, the parents email address, whether you have chosen to ‘Share data with Parent’ and if so, the parents activation status.

If you have not yet shared data with a parent you can do so for multiple parents from this screen. Tick the ‘Share Data with Parent’ tickbox next to each parent and click ‘Submit All’ at the bottom of the page. This will automatically send all selected parents an activation link to access their Parent portal. If you have shared the data with parent but they have not yet activated their account, you can click the ‘Resend Activation Link’ button next the parents name to send out a new activation link.