A child’s profile information can be setup from the Managers login and viewed by practitioners on the tablet app from the Children screen. If you are also using our eyMan system, you can see a child’s parent details here too.

To view a child’s profile, click on the child’s name/age/group (in between the child’s profile picture and the in/out button). 

A pop up box will open, from here you will be able to view the child’s ‘Profile’, ‘My World’ and ‘Parental Details’. The profile is in read only format but will show you any information that has been inputted for the child. The ‘Profile’ tab contains the child’s basic details.

On the left of the pop up box, you can change the child’s profile picture from the tablet. Click on the ‘Choose Photo’ button under the current picture and you can then take a photo or add one from the gallery. 

Once you save your selection the profile picture will be updated across all areas of eyLog.

From the ‘My World’ tab, you can view more detailed information about the child’s home life, interests, medical details etc.

Under the ‘Parental Details’ tab, you can see the child’s parent information including whether they are authorised to collect, an emergency contact and/or have parental responsibility. 

Note: The Parental Details are only available if you are using our eyMan system and have entered the information here.