The eyLog application can be installed on any Android tablets and consists of three steps:

  • Enabling the installation of APK files on the tablet
  • Downloading the eyLog application APK file to the tablet
  • Installing the eyLog application

The following guide is for Android 10, older versions of the Android software may differ, if you require further assistance please contact the Support Team. 

Please note tthe eyLog Practitioner App can only be used on a mobile device with a screen size larger than 7 inches.

Step 1: Enabling the Installation of APK Files on the Tablet

The eyLog application is not available through the Google Play Store, therefore needs to be downloaded and installed from our servers. To install such APKs from sources not known to the Google Play Store, a security policy on the tablet needs to be enabled.

  • From the Home screen, click on the ‘Settings’ icon. Note: If the ‘Settings’ icon is not visible on the Home screen click on the ‘Apps’ icon and you will find it listed here. 
  • From Settings, you should see an option for 'Security' 
  • Navigate to 'Install unknown apps' 
  • Here you will need to select the 'My files' option and select 'Allow from this source' and you will need to repeat this process for 'Samsung internet' 
  • Click on the Home button at the bottom of the screen to go back to Home screen.

Step 2: Downloading the eyLog Application APK File to the Tablet

The browser will automatically download the APK file and will save it to the ‘Downloads’ folder on the tablet.

Step 3: Installing the eyLog Application

From the ‘Apps’ screen, click on the ‘My Files’ icon and navigate to the ‘Installation file’ location. In the list of downloaded files, tap the eylog.apk file. Click ‘Install’ in the dialog box that pops up to complete the installation.

After the installation is complete, click ‘Open’ to open the eyLog application, the Serial ID and Password screen will load. Enter the 16 digit Serial ID and Password unique to your nursery.

Note: Move your mouse over your manager profile picture on your eyLog Manager Dashboard then select System Settings, then System from the menu options. Please enter these exactly as shown on screen, retaining the case and hyphens.

After the application is configured, the practitioner screen will load and the app is ready for use.


Note: To create a shortcut for eyLog application on the Home screen, tap and hold the application icon on the list of Apps then drag and drop the icon on to the Home screen and/or to the list of icons in the bottom task bar.