When a child leaves your setting, you can delete their profile from your Manager Dashboard so that the child is no longer available on either the computer or the tablet.

Please ensure you and/or the parents have downloaded the learning journey as a PDF document.  The PDF download has all the photos and links to the video/audio clips which parents can at any time click on and view or download individually.

To inform your parents that they need to download their child's learning journey before you delete the child, we would recommend that you use the messaging feature on the Managers login to send a message to all parents. The following offline learning journey options are also available for parents and can be ordered from the Managers login:

- PDF download / Media download – Free of charge (can be downloaded from parent login)

- Zip download - £9 +VAT

- DVD - £19 +VAT 

- USB stick - £19 +VAT 

- Printed Book - £16-45 +VAT

See ‘Offline Learning Journey Pricing’ for more details and how to order.

If for any reason you are still having issues please don't hesitate to contact support on 03300882008 or via email to support@eylog.co.uk