A child’s learning journey can be downloaded or purchased to enable parents to have a keepsake of their child's early years at nursery. There are several options available: PDF download, zip download, DVD or USB.

PDF download/Media download – Free

A parent can download the child’s learning journey as a PDF document, following the steps mentioned above. This download contains all the observation photographs as well as links to all the video clips that have been uploaded to eyLog. From this PDF parents’ can also download the individual video clips (please be aware that the video clips are only accessible to download while the child is still active on the nursery database, once the child is deleted, the video clips will be unavailable for download).

If the download media option is made available to parents (you can do this from your Managers login under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Parents’ -> ‘Page Access’), the parent is also able to download the media files from each observation separately. Once downloaded, the learning journey PDF and media files can be stored on a PC, disk or memory stick.

Alternatively, a full rich html version of a child’s learning journey can be requested by the parents and ordered by the nursery manager. The following options are available:

Zip download

This download link is emailed to the nursery, who would then pass it on to the parents. From the link, parents can then extract the full learning journey to save and keep. Please be aware that the links are only valid for 30 days after the link has been sent by us. If parents do not download the zip file within 30 days, the file will become unavailable and another charge would be incurred to regenerate the link.


A fully packaged version of the child’s learning journey in rich html including photos and videos, a PDF copy of the Learning Journey and any Summative Reports shared with parent is available on DVD or USB. This is configured by the eyLog team and sent to the nursery, who would then pass it on to the parents.

Printed Book

The printed learning journey books are a replica of the child’s learning journey, containing the photographs and observation text from selected observations. If the observation contains a video, then this is printed as a still image with a QR code that enables parents to view the video online. We use a third-party company to print the book which is sent to the nursery, who would then pass it on to the parents.

For more information and a pricing list please see our ‘Offline Learning Journey - Pricing’ document.

If for any reason you are still having issues please don't hesitate to contact support on 03300882008 or via email to support@eylog.co.uk