Once the daily diary is published by the practitioner, it becomes available for parents to view and can no longer be edited or modified by the practitioner or the parent as this is an overview/record of the day's event not a discussion tool.

The notes from parent’s section of the daily diary is designed to be used by parents in case they don't get a chance to speak to the nursery or don't have time in the morning e.g. their child will be collected by his/her grandmother. This can be edited up to the point at which the diary is published, but is not designed to give information as a two-way form of conversation.

Notes can also be added against a daily diary for dates in the future, if the parent knows an event in advance. If the parent wants to respond to something mentioned in the daily diary, this could be added to the following day's notes. The practitioner would see these notes but anything they added in their notes section would not be received by the parent until the diary was published on this date.

For discussions, the eyLog system provides a messaging service for direct messages to the nursery manager, to which they can respond.

If for any reason you are still having issues please don't hesitate to contact support on 03300882008 or via email to support@eylog.co.uk