The Activities & Pay Types page allows the user to enter details of key staff activities so they can be assigned to members of staff on the staff schedule. Some activities, such as 'CARE' and 'Training (Paid)', are set up on the system by default. The user can add their own activities/pay types by clicking the '+' button in the top right-hand corner of the page. This will open an 'Activity/Pay Type - Create' form in which the user can enter details of the activity.

  1. The name of the activity can be entered in this field.
  2. A description of the activity can be entered in this field.
  3. The payroll reference can be entered here.
  4. The colour of the activity can be allocated here to make it easily identifiable on staff schedules.
  5. The type of activity can be selected using this drop-down menu - either Excluded from Wages % Calculation, Childcare, Training or Other.
  6. This tick box allows the user to indicate whether this activity is unpaid.
  7. This tick box allows the user to indicate whether a staff member needs to be counted in ratio for this activity.

As the activities are added they will be displayed in a list on the Activities & Pay Types page, highlighting the main details of each activity. From this point, the user can click the buttons on the right-hand side of the list to view, edit, delete or change the status of an activity to active or inactive. If an activity is marked as inactive it can not be selected as an activity when creating a staff member's schedule. The user can also search for an activity by entering full or partial details into one of the blank fields at the top of the list.

These activities will then appear in a drop-down menu on the staff scheduling section of the staff profile. As they are assigned, the activities will appear on the staff member's schedule in the colours selected when creating the activity. For further information on creating staff schedules, please refer to the Staff -> Staff Scheduling documentation of the Support Portal.