The System Settings page allows the user to change certain nursery/branch settings. Anything set up in System Settings will be applied to only one branch (to change the settings for all branches, go to the Global Settings - for more information please refer to the Global Settings documentation on the Support Portal). From the home page, the user can access the System Settings by clicking on the arrow in the top right-hand corner of the home page. This opens a menu, as shown below (left).

Clicking on the System Settings menu option opens a new page containing a menu running down the left-hand side, as shown above (right). This menu contains the nursery/branch details:

  • Company/Nursery Chain
  • Branch/Nursery
  • Rooms/Groups
  • Manage Users
  • Session Types
  • Products and Services
  • Activities and Pay Types
  • Staff/Child Record Documents
  • Staff/Child Record Events
  • Invoice/Payment Settings
  • Terms/Funding
  • HR Settings
  • Tags Settings
  • GoCardless Settings
  • Payment Gateway Settings
  • Other Settings

Users with HR Standard, Child Standard and Staff access have no access rights to the system settings. Other users have the following access:

  • Company Admin = access to all system settings.
  • HR Admin Access = access to all settings relating to HR (Company/Nursery Chain, Branch/Nursery, Manage Users, Activities and Pay Types, Staff/Child Record Documents, Staff/Child Record Events, HR Settings, Tags Settings and Other Settings).
  • Accounts Admin = access to all settings relating to finances (Company/Nursery Chain, Branch/Nursery, Session Types, Products and Services, Invoice/Payment Settings, Terms/Funding, HR Settings, GoCardless Settings and Payment Gateway Settings).
  • Area Manager = access to all settings except Company/Nursery Chain.
  • Nursery Manager = access to all settings except Company/Nursery Chain and HR Settings.
  • Nursery Standard = access to Rooms/Groups and Terms/Funding only.
  • Child Admin = access to Rooms/Groups only.

For more information on system settings access rights, please refer to the eyMan Access Levels -> System Settings documentation of the Support Portal.