Each nursery will have a unique web instance set up by the Support Team, without which you cannot access the eyMan system. 

The format of the web instance is as follows:


To access the eyMan system, users will also need a unique email ID and password. This would have been created for you by the Support Team.

The user can enter the unique web instance https://uniquewebinstance.eylog.co.uk/eyMan and then login using the unique email ID and password.

Once logged in, the user will have a view of the home page as shown below. This home page gives a graphical view of the following:

  • Child bookings for the current week
  • Income forecast by Session/Product Type
  • Income forecast by Room/Groups

This home page also gives a list of overdue invoices, new enquiries and all notifications for the current week.

The top right corner of the screen shows which user is logged in.

There is also an option to ‘Login to eyLog’ as shown below.