Once your GoCardless account is connected with eyMan, this can be done either from the child's profile in the Parental Details section or from the GoCardless Settings in the Parents section in bulk.

1. From the Child's Profile - Parental Details Section

Once a parent is marked as a Bill Payer, you can use the 'Send Direct Debit Request' button to send an email to the parent with the authorisation link. 

2. From GoCardless Settings - Parents Section

This section will show the list of all parents marked as 'Bill Payer'. You can select multiple entries and use the 'Send Direct Debit Request' button to send emails to selected parents with respective authorisation links. 

The status of the Direct Debit mandate will change to 'Pending' as soon as you send the authorisation email to the parent. The status will change to 'Authorised' in real time once the parent has authorised/completed the form.

You can start collecting payments only after the mandate is authorised by the parent.