eyLog has its own camera and media gallery that is inbuilt into the application. Using this you can take photos without straight away attaching them to an observation and staff don't even need to be logged in. Once you open eyLog, on both the staff and children's screen there is a 'Photo' button at the top of the screen and any photos taken using this will be saved into the eyLog media gallery. These can then be directly added to an observation using the 'Media Gallery' button at the top of the observation screen.

If you have taken the photos using the tablet camera and they are therefore in the tablet's media gallery you can still attach these files to your observations however this will need to be done from the managers login. You can either do this straight from the tablet itself using the web browser if it is an open tablet or alternatively you can access the files by plugging the tablet into a computer. These can then be saved onto the computer and added to your observations as required through the managers login.